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Trend 1: Hybrid Cloud

In 2018, the Hybrid cloud is a new reality! It is one of the biggest and the most valuable technology invention offering a plethora of opportunities to the enterprises striving to make it big in the industry.

It is assumed that by 2020 up to 80% of the business will be digital. Enterprises in order to address the growing demands of the changing environment, increasing data center needs, have to transfer their traditional data center over the hybrid cloud to achieve the benefits of agility and scalability. Hybrid cloud is just perfect for business because:

  •  It maintains security and high performance for mission-critical data and application
  •  Helps to reduce cost, save time and improves network efficiency
  • One can have multi-cloud scalability to OpenStack, AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • It best runs workloads where they perform the best

Trend 2: Remote Device Management

The remote device management is getting bigger and better, helping enterprises achieve their goals with an increase in the internet of things (IoT devices). The Internet of things will change the future of the remote device management, the way they are designed and managed. It will not only help organizations manage their remote assets centrally but also enhance overall business outcomes.

The idea of remote device management is achieving bulk operations on many devices simultaneously, gaining access to the security, firmware upgrades, diagnostics including connectivity status as well as data/network security.

Trend 3: Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics will drive the next big paradigm shift in the IT industry in the year 2018. The exponential growth in the organizational data and increase in the number of connected devices fuels the demand for faster handling of these large volumes of mission-critical structured & unstructured data.

Big Data analytics will shape the future by instantly mining the data stores for machine learning and other real-time applications. Data is the future! Enterprises would need to reckon best strategies to collect, manage as well as process large volumes of important data from a variety of sources to gain the competitive edge.

Digicor is one of the leading IT infrastructure solutions providers who also supports the future of Big Data analytics and storage to transform your business by building efficiencies and delivering real-time actionable intelligence.

Trend 4: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been the buzzword in the IT industry in the year 2017 and it will continue to hit the stride in the coming year as enterprises embrace AI to drive business processes, engage customers and increase revenues.

The evolution of the intelligent things such as artificial intelligence creates a foundation for the next generation digital enterprises and ecosystems. In order to be competitive business have to invest in AI techniques and supporting tools, skills and processes to fully exploit and build the AI-enhanced systems. One can think of investing in data intelligence, natural language generation, speech recognition, machine-learning platforms, training methodology selection, biometrics, text analysis & NLP and much more.

Trend 5: Software-defined Storage

One of the biggest revolutions in the storage technology has been brought in by Software-defined storage technology which is effectively a storage hypervisor turning legacy storage systems. Promising scalability and high-level of performance to big data, SDS enhances storage system intelligence out of hardware into a layer of software that manages the entire storage infrastructure as a single entity.

Software-defined storage data centers are the next step for virtualization and cloud computing as they provide a solution to support both legacy enterprise applications as well as cloud computing solutions. Digicor is one of the best companies in the IT industry leveraging feature-packed intelligent data centers to automate the deployment, lower the cost and increase the flexibility of your IT infrastructure operations.

These upcoming IT infrastructure technology trends are the key to unlock new potentials for the businesses in the coming year! Digicor help its clients accelerate their journey towards the digital world by extracting the capabilities of each technology and thrive successfully!